Legacy Plans for VeloPark Move Forward after Disagreement

August 22, 2011

Legacy Plans for the VeloPark set up in the Olympic Park following London 2012, have been given a major boost following a disagreement between the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC), British Cycling and Sport England.

The VeloPark, which will be operated by the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, will be available for cyclists of all abilities after the Olympics and Paralympics with original plans for the venue agreed last year.

They included a one-mile road circuit, a six kilometre mountain bike course and a BMX track.

But in March this year, the OPLC sought to change the boundaries and layout of the site saying they wanted to have the track in a more contained area to free up green space for local residents.

British Cycling and Sport England launched a joint objection in April arguing that the proposals compromised previously agreed plans and would be detrimental to the legacy of cycling from the London 2012 Games.

An agreement on the VeloPark has now been reached between all parties with the OPLC agreeing to withdraw its two planning applications.

A joint statement from British Cycling, Sport England, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority said: “We are pleased to announce an agreement for an alternative scheme to create a world-class road cycle circuit and a spectacular new park in the north of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

“The plan proposes that the consented one mile cycle circuit route is amended to create a new area of open space and accessible riverside, along with a large park for families and local residents to enjoy.

“The new plan will also ensure that cyclists are able to enjoy a mile long circuit that crosses the river into the parklands.

“The circuit will be part of the wider Lee Valley VeloPark with a new, enhanced area for mountain bike trails directly adjacent to the BMX track, on land to the east of the Velodrome.

“The agreement on the new plan is a significant milestone in the development of the Park and reflects the long-term commitment of all parties to work together to achieve an exemplary park with sport and neighbourhoods at its heart.

“All partners will be working together, and with local cycling groups, on the technical aspects of the scheme to finalise the design and enable the Olympic Park Legacy Company to prepare a new planning application.

“The Legacy Company has withdrawn its two current planning applications for an alternative cycle scheme and works to the parklands.”

The new plans have been agreed with the support of the Mayor of London, the Government and The London Marathon Trust.

The future VeloPark is already under way having its first taste of cycling action at the London 2012 BMX Olympic test event which successfully took place this weekend.