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Leeds United to become first club to deploy virtual hybrid perimeter technology

By Community | December 18, 2017

English Football League championship club, Leeds United, have taken the ground-breaking step of installing a new Virtual Hybrid perimeter LED display at Elland Road.

The new system combines ADI’s LED hardware with Supponor’s advanced augmented reality technology, making it possible to deliver traditional LED content to fans in the stadium, whilst virtually overlaying the content seen by international viewers.

The installation comes as EFL clubs gain new rights to stream live matches for international fans. The potential for virtually overlaying different brand messages for different audiences, as well as those watching international TV broadcasts, brings with it new commercial opportunities.

Leeds plan to begin streaming customised feeds featuring virtual perimeter content later in the 2017/18 season, subject to final EFL approval.

Leeds United Managing Director, Angus Kinnear, said: “Virtual Hybrid LED technology creates a huge commercial opportunity and, with growing International audiences driven by new live streaming rights, it’s possible for EFL clubs to reach a wider fan base.

“This technology will help us compete on the global stage and build a platform for growth. ADI bring a wealth of experience as the market leader in stadium LED and their Supponor-enabled Virtual Hybrid perimeter system, with its ability to overlay different brand messages for different territories, presents an incredible opportunity for partners.

“We are now looking forward to working with stakeholders across the industry to make virtual replacement a commercial reality.”

ADI’s CEO, Geraint Williams, added: “Leeds United is a club with huge ambition and we’re delighted to be joining them on their journey to challenge convention. The installation of a new Virtual Hybrid perimeter LED display makes the club the first in the world set to commercialise the technology in this way.

“The market has demonstrated a real appetite for a credible virtual overlay solution, and we’re excited to be working with Leeds United, a club with truly progressive leadership, to help realise the commercial potential of their media value.”

ADI Commercial Elland Road Football Leeds United Soccer Sponsorship