Lassa Tyres Renews Premier League Sponsorship

November 6, 2012

Lassa Tyres has extended it’s sponsorship of the English Premier League (EPL)

Lassa will continue to feature on LED advertising boards around the perimeter of the pitch during 19 away games of teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal.

“The EPL is one of most exciting football leagues, attracting millions of football fans from all over the world. As the top competition in English football kicks off, our investment in football not only provides important opportunities to generate brand awareness among the huge fan bases of the EPL, but also gives us invaluable consumer exposure through the TV broadcast coverage all around the world” said Halit Sensoy, director of international sales and marketing for Lassa Tyres.

English Premier League matches are broadcast in over 200 countries and territories, attracting an annual TV audience of over three billion people. 

The latest news follows Lassa’s decision to extend its sponsorship of German football club Borussia Mönchengladbach for another year. 

Lassa is also involved in the sponsorship of various motor sports such as the British Drift Championship (BDC).