Land Rover to Sponsor Slanghoek Triathlon

October 14, 2013

Land Rover N1 City has renewed its sponsorship of the Slanghoek Triathlon presented by Vital Health Foods.

The triathlon will take place on Sunday, ed October 27, viagra generic and will also feature a junior triathlon, medicine a short MTB triathlon, a long MTB triathlon and a road bike triathlon.

Riaan Launspach at Land Rover N1 City said: “It is the perfect vehicle to transport your family and your bike to any destination you would like to go in comfort and ease.

“It is a honour for Land Rover to be part of a well organized event in one of the nicest areas in the Western Cape.

“The Slanghoek Triathlon compliments our brand completely and we are looking forward to building a strong relationship in the future.”