LaLiga’s Plan To Discover New Ticketing Initiatives And Improve The Fan Experience

May 7, 2019

As the world becomes more digital, as customers’ expectations rise and Spanish football grows in popularity, there is an increasing need for LaLiga clubs to offer more than a piece of paper and a seat when it comes to tickets.

Supporters want more bang for their buck and clubs are keen to sell tickets more efficiently, which is why LaLiga has set up three new working groups of club representatives to discover new ticketing initiatives. These three groups will discuss the key topics of digital transformation, regulation and quality standards, all with the stated goal of modernising and improving the fan experience and of increasing clubs’ revenues.
Though the sharing of best practices and the studying of examples from other clubs and sports around the world, the fan experience will be improved through a mix of modernity, while still respecting the clubs’ rich histories.To know more, click here.