La Liga South Africa

LaLiga Opens South Africa Office As Growth Continues

October 22, 2019

LaLiga has opened a new office in Johannesburg due to the success the league is having throughout South Africa.

Just four years ago LaLiga created their first permanent presence within the country and they have since created a number of partnerships with sponsors, broadcasters and the South African Football Association within the country.

Today, LaLiga is the second most popular foreign league in South Africa, when sx years ago it was not even possible to watch the league in the country, highlighting the massive growth.

“LaLiga has evolved from being an unknown brand for South Africans to being the second-most important foreign league in the country,” explained Marcos Pelegrin, recently appointed as Managing Director for LaLiga South Africa. “This is a huge achievement, as the English league has a historical relationship with the territory. It shows how much attention LaLiga, its teams and its players generate in the country.”

La Liga South Africa