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Melcior Soler – Audiovisual Area Director of LaLiga – discusses social media, TV broadcasting and brand direction

December 15, 2017

El Clásico is a special game for all our fans and we devote all available human and technical resources to secure the highest standard of broadcasting. More than 400 professionals start planning the TV production months ahead to make sure we can provide the best coverage around the globe.

We know that LaLiga is in the world’s spotlight on that game as we reach a potential audience of 600 million viewers in over 182 countries. Certainly, it’s a great opportunity to show that LaLiga is not only about football but about something else.

We bring our passion to the world through the best technology on offer and El Clásico is the best showcase during the season to prove that.

TV broadcasting is one of our main priorities. We want our audience not to just watch the game but to feel it through a whole unique audio-visual experience. A huge team of producers, directors, and technicians makes sure this feeling goes abroad.

Besides six mobile units and a coverage of more than 37 4K cameras, we try to introduce new technological developments every season. Apart from the 360-replay technology, on December 23rd we’ll show fans exactly what a player sees during a play by creating the on-field perspective through our cameras. We will be also displaying a laser wall software which will support the offside replays during the broadcast.

Social Media

On social media, #ElClasico doesn’t begin at kick-off and nor does it end when the final whistle is blown. The most eagerly anticipated fixture of the campaign will last far longer than 90 minutes and will also be contested on LaLiga’s digital platforms, where last season more than two billion impressions and excellent engagement figures were generated with some 30 million reactions from likes to comments and shares.

The challenge this time around is to improve on those numbers and remain the best league in the world in the digital sphere too. Throughout the week leading up to Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona, LaLiga will treat all its supporters to videos, photos and exclusive content linked to the fixture’s illustrious history.

Additionally, the matchday attractions will include a live preview starting two hours before the game as well as post-match reaction from the key stars and live coverage of both coaches’ press conferences. It all makes for a unique experience that will allow social media users to savour #ElClasico in abundance whenever and wherever they wish.

Brand Direction

Our brand is now more global and so is our promotion of the games. LaLiga’s latest global campaign ‘It’s not football. It’s LaLiga.’ shows the true extent of LaLiga’s global reach and how we spread our brand values, beyond just the sporting competition.

However, LaLiga also maintains a close relationship with all its global right-holders. We make sure they have access to a wide content offer enabling them to tailor their promotion strategy and customise it bearing in mind their audience profile.

We know how important this game is for all our partners and how the interest aroused by El Clásico and LaLiga has been increasing in recent years. We have become global with it through our international offices and teams who work on daily basis to meet all our partners’ demands.

This is not only a match-game task but an ongoing one.

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Broadcast rights Broadcasting LaLiga Melcior Soler Television