LaLiga Appoints Octavi Anoro As International Director

January 12, 2022

LaLiga has appointed Octavi Anoro as International Director after having  completed five years of impressive work for the organisation. In the past three years, he had worked  as an International Deputy Director and managed the LaLiga Global Network (LLGN) project.  

In his new role, Anoro will continue to lead the LLGN project and its 44 delegates spread across the  globe, whilst leading the coordination of the 11 offices worldwide and overseeing the international  strategy of the organisation. Moving into this position, which was previously held by Óscar Mayo before he was appointed as executive general director, is a natural next step in Anoro’s professional  development within LaLiga.  

The new international director discussed his new role, stating: “I take on this challenge with the  objective of ensuring our business and international standing continue to grow with the same  momentum as recent years, while we will also partner all the clubs in their own international  expansion. To achieve this, we will focus on developing integration among the delegates team and the  offices, fully capitalising on what are two of the most important competitive advantages that we have  compared to other organisations in the sports and entertainment industry: our extensive physical  presence around the world and the local market knowledge we possess after five years of this project.” 

Anoro arrived at LaLiga in 2017 as part of the LaLiga Global Network project, through which he spent  more than two years as the delegate in Japan. During this time, LaLiga hit significant milestones in the  country, including the signing of two sponsorship agreements with local brands, a collaboration with  the J.League with ambitious events and activations plan that boosted LaLiga’s brand in Japan. 

Following his time in Japan, Anoro returned to Spain to take on the role as the head of LaLiga’d Global  Network, a position he has held until today. 

With a degree in administration and business management from the University of Barcelona and a  Master in administration and sports business management from the UPF Barcelona School of  Management, Anoro started his professional career at companies such as tourism group SERHS and  youth football organisation KOMM MIT.