Lagardère Plus Lagardère Sports and Entertainment

Lagardère Sports and Entertainment launches global partnership marketing agency

By Community | October 16, 2017

Lagardère Sports and Entertainment has launched Lagardère Plus, a global agency with a mission to transform traditional brand sponsorships into highly inventive and impactful marketing platforms.

The new agency incorporates Lagardère Sports and Entertainment’s existing global consulting businesses, including agencies akzio! and Zaechel Int. in Germany, and Sponsorship 360 in France.

“From sports, music and entertainment, to culinary and cause marketing, Lagardère Plus will help brands and properties get the attention they need in a distracted world,” said Andrew Georgiou, CEO of Lagardère Sports and Entertainment.

“As media fragmentation affects many of the marketing channels that CMOs have relied on for decades, partnership marketing becomes absolutely vital for brands to connect with their audiences. Lagardère Plus combines global expertise and experience with highly knowledgeable local teams to deliver exceptional results.”

As part of this new effort, Lagardère has acquired Brave, a London-based agency with an impressive track record in developing and delivering creative campaigns for global brands including Amazon Prime, Brown Forman, and Greenpeace.

Lagardère Plus Lagardère Sports and Entertainment