LA Clippers Sign New Sponsor 1-800LoanMart

February 2, 2012

NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers have announced a new partnership with 1-800LoanMart.

This partnership between 1-800LoanMart and the Los Angeles Clippers will include signage for 1-800LoanMart at the Staples Center arena during Clippers home games, television and radio spots with 1-800LoanMart during games, charitable events sponsored by 1-800LoanMart and the Clippers, and a wide array of online and social media marketing.

Fans of the Clippers will begin to see this partnership with 1-800LoanMart go into action with signs during the game both live at the Staples Center and from home on television broadcasts.  As the Clippers rise in popularity, 1-800LoanMart will gain more exposure as well.  

Los Angeles Clippers team president Andy Roeser, said: “The LA Clippers are experiencing unprecedented growth in popularity. We are excited to have 1-800LoanMart on board as they continue to grow their brand.”

1-800 LoanMart chief marketing officer Colby Estes added: “It combines the strength and stability of the 1-800LoanMart brand with a professional sports franchise that has one of the fastest growing fanbases in the world, while providing us with a great opportunity to connect with some of the country’s most passionate, die hard fans, right here in our hometown of Los Angeles.”

1-800LoanMart is based out of Encino, California and is a lender of title loans in California for people who need an emergency influx of cash.  This partnership with the Los Angeles Clippers will help promote the brand of 1-800LoanMart to the greater Los Angeles area.