Kontinental Hockey League Inks PepsiCo Sponsorship

September 2, 2013

The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) have announced thay have inked a one season agreement with food and beverage giant, PepsiCo to sponsor the League.

The new partnership with the KHL enables PepsiCo to implement marketing and promotion campaigns in the soft drinks, energy drinks and snacks categories. The partnership extends to three brands in the PepsiSo portfolio: Pepsi, Adrenaline Rush and Lay’s.

On signing the contract, PepsiCo Communications Director Marina Zibareva said, “This cooperation between the KHL and PepsiCo allows us to join forces to make hockey even more popular, to make sport even more widespread, and help a healthy lifestyle become the norm for most people. The mission of the KHL reflects the philosophy of PepsiCo, as we do so much to support and promote sporting activity and a healthy way of life. We believe we will achieve the best results by combining our efforts.”

Ilya Kochevrin, KHL Commerce and Communications Vice-President, added: “The most important factor for us is that the market recognizes the KHL brand as a beneficial and attractive one for a partnership. Cooperation with PepsiCo, one of the biggest companies in the world, is an opportunity for us to show that the KHL attracts world-famous brands. This will be the first time we have worked with a company whose products are consumed on a worldwide scale. This is a breakthrough for us, both as a League and as a brand. I hope that our cooperation will be a mutually beneficial and exciting one.”