Kia Oval Selects NCR Corporation to Improve Hospitality Experience

October 30, 2014

NCR Corporation, look the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, announced today that the Kia Oval cricket ground has chosen NCR and its channel partner, Centegra, to improve the food, drink and hospitality experience for supporters at its iconic cricket ground in central London.

Kia Oval has deployed NCR hospitality software and technology solutions that will be operated by Levy Restaurants U.K., the sport, leisure and hospitality business of Compass Group U.K. & Ireland. This will allow the catering provider to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its operation at the stadium, thereby extending the customer experience and increasing profitability.

“Cricket fans expect the best possible experience when they come to watch a match or attend an event at the Kia Oval,” said Elliott Moore, general manager catering for Levy Restaurants U.K. at Kia Oval.

“By investing in the future of the club and providing technology that facilitates a great fan experience, we are able to run our business more effectively and profitably. The software and hardware solutions provided by NCR and deployed by Centegra have helped make this a reality.”

Selected for its strong U.K. presence and innovative solutions, NCR has deployed its NCR Venue Manager software that works seamlessly to manage and integrate a range of NCR’s latest point-of-sale (POS) solutions also installed by Kia Oval. NCR Venue Manager software is a proven and reliable solution designed specifically for stadia and arena. It enables food and beverage managers and venue operators to accurately integrate all their venue hospitality operations with consolidated real-time reporting. It also allows them to analyze and forecast event usage to boost their bottom line and maximize profitability.

“Fan loyalty is driven by the overall experience when they visit a stadium, such as Kia Oval. Great technology can help achieve this, thereby increasing revenues and the bottom line, and allowing operators to run their businesses more effectively,” said Kevin Briggs, venue and arena business lead for Europe at NCR.

“NCR is the leader in hospitality technology solutions with solutions deployed at over 250 stadia and arena around the world. We are focused on providing stadium operators, such as Surrey Cricket Club, with innovative software and hardware solutions that deliver significant value to their business and help provide a better experience for their fans.”