Karen Webb Leaves OPLC to Become Independent Consultant to Westfield

January 30, 2012

Karen Webb the Olympic Park Legacy Company’s (OPLC) executive director of marketing and communications has left her role to become an independent consultant while already beginning proceedings with her first client, Westfield, a Tier Three sponsor of the Games and shopping centre just outside the Olympic Park.

Having first made her name at Sydney 2000 where she was in charge of media and marketing communications, Webb joined the International Olympic Committee (IOC) where she was vice-president for image and marketing communications.

Webb stayed at the IOC for eight years before moving to England where she worked for Vero Communciations and the Greater London Authority, and then to the OPLC, where she was a key figure in London’s successful bid to host the 2017 World Athletics Championships. 

Webb’s decision to leave the OPLC coincides with the decision by London Mayor Boris Johnson to incorporate them into a new company, the Mayoral Development Corporation, but the two are not believed to be connected.