Juventus Edge Closer to Continassa Training Project After Lease Agreement Signed with the City

September 6, 2013

Juventus moved significantly closer to starting their Continassa project after the club signed a definitive lease agreement with the City of Turin.

The project will see a new Training and Media Centre for the first team and provide other public services and private residences.

Juventus CEO Aldo Mazzia signed the contract which lasts for 99 years and covers 180, viagra order 000 square metres of the Continassa Area, as well as the related pavement area (SLP) which totals 33,000 square metres.

The price has been set at €11.7m ($15.4m), which accounts to a value of around €355 ($467) per square metre of SLP and €65 ($86) per square metre for the long-term lease.

Another key development in the deal will see an SLP of 5,000 square metres already owned by the Serie A club transferred to the Juventus Area for a new registered office.