Juan Camilo Medina Quintero to Spearhead Medellin 2018 Summer Youth Games Bid

July 16, 2012

The Colombian Olympic Committee has announced the appointment of Juan Camilo Medina Quintero as manager of the Medellin bid for Youth Olympic Games 2018. 

After the meeting of the Organizing Committee for the bid Medellín 2018, the Mayor  of Medellin Anibal Gaviria shared his decision with the committee members of Quintero’s appointment.. 

The meeting of the organizing committee addressed areas of importance regarding the 2018 project.

They discussed issues of ticketing, dates of the Games and progress in the document to be delivered to the International Olympic Committee. 

Quintero had been serving as Private Secretary to the Mayor and was also Secretary for Productivity in the Government of Antioquia and CEO of Tecnova.