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Jono Yates joins Dugout as new Creative Director

By Community | November 9, 2017

Jono Yates has today been appointed Dugout’s first-ever Creative Director with the aim of driving content with clubs and players, plus grow the company’s social media presence.

Yates previously held the position of Creative Lead at LADbible and also served as Head of the Global Influencer Programme at Red Bull.

Elliot Richardson, Dugout Executive Chairman, said: “This is a great move by Jono and one that I am hugely excited by. Our branded content is a unique structure of Dugout and one that no others have.

“To attract Jono from a company such as LADbible is for us a tremendous validation for Dugout and its success over the last year. We welcome him and look forward to developing the platform further.”

Yates, Dugout’s new Creative Director, said: “I spent my time at LADbible creating viral videos with some of the most famous faces in the world, and the opportunity to do this in a football context is hugely exciting.

“Dugout has a unique relationship with some of the biggest clubs and players across the globe providing unparalleled access which makes the platform unique to any other sport publisher.

“Dugout has been on a journey of amazing growth in its first twelve months, and by using the connections Dugout has, I look forward to driving the company even further forward by creating innovative and engaging football content.”

Dugout Jono Yates LADBible