Joint venture between Swiss Cycling and InfrontRingier

August 1, 2011

Swiss Cycling and InfrontRingier which is a joint venture between global sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media and Swiss media company Ringier, doctor have agreed a long term partnership.

The agreement covers All the main commercial activities of Swiss Cycling is covered in the deal. These include the organising and marketing of the Tour de Suisse from 2015. The deal alsohas emfacise on the development in  youth and amateur cycling in Switzerland.

The partnership main role is to establish Switzerland as one of cycling’s leading nations, allergy by introducing new marketing structures, proactive activation at amateur and youth levels and enhanced exposure of the ‘Swiss Cycling’ brand.

With regards to the Tour de Suisse, the partnership hopes to increase the nine-day tour’s attention through extensive media exposure. From 2015, InfrontRingier will comprehensively handle the organisation and implementation of the tour, managing all aspects from conceptualisation to marketing.

The president of Swiss Cycling Melchior Ehrler, said: “With InfrontRingier we have gained a competent partner who will support us with its experience in the field of media and commercial exploitation, brand development and event management throughout the enhancement process of cycling in Switzerland. We see great potential and have therefore decided not to limit the cooperation purely to marketing aspects, but to jointly tackle the broader development of the sport on both amateur and professional levels. This comprehensive partnership is an excellent starting point which will bring cycling in Switzerland to the next level of success.”

From the other side Philippe Blatter, president and chief executive of Infront Sports & Media and chairman of the board of InfrontRingier, said: “Cycling success with Swiss participation in the past has demonstrated again and again the tremendous enthusiasm the sport can create in this country and we intend to build upon this fundament together with Swiss Cycling. Our shared vision is to strengthen the public positioning of this traditional sport and to sustainably establish both existing and future Swiss Cycling events as a highlight of the national sports calendar – for participants, spectators, sponsors and media alike. The Tour de Suisse as a premium brand and the flag-ship event of Swiss Cycling will be further strengthened nationally and internationally.”