Johnson Warns Hoteliers Against ’12 Accommodation Increases

March 21, 2011

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has urged local hoteliers against escalating cost of hotel accommodation in the capital during Olympic-time next year after fears that it could mar the event.

Both the Financial Times and The Sunday Times have pointed up reports of price-jacking in the same week as the organising operation launched ticket sales, with Johnson stating: “Hiking up prices and taking advantage of London’s guests in 2012 is just wrong. I urge all right-thinking  hoteliers to distance themselves from these sharks and get in line now to sign up to Visit Britain’s fair price charter.”

Thomas Cook has come in for heavy criticism as well as the London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) for awarding the tour operator exclusive rights to sell packages of tickets and rooms ranging between £198 and £13,998 depending on the class of hotel and the perceived value of the event-tickets included.

Despite Games officials making available 6.6m Olympic tickets to the public last Tuesday, the ticket guarantees to sponsors and corporate operators have led to speculation that only 35,000 tickets for Olympic Stadium events will be available for the public ballot.

LOCOG chairman Lord Coe responded by warning hotels that over-pricing would backfire because ‘Games tourists’ would be able to find themselves more economical accommodation.