JOC Asks IOC to Re-Investigate Murofushi Election Decision

By Community | August 20, 2012

The Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) has asked the IOC to re-investigate its decision to void hammer thrower Koji Murofushi’s election to the IOC Athletes’ Commission.

Murofushi, a Bronze Medalist at the London Games, gained enough votes to win election to the Athletes’ Commission, but the IOC refused to accept his election, claiming he had violated election rules at the Games.

The JOC believes the IOC’s decision was incorrect.

The IOC said Murofushi “campaigned for election in areas off limits to election activities.”

JOC Board Member, Yoshiji Nogami, said: “Some parts [of the response] were half-baked. There’s a big difference between having a conversation and campaigning for election.” {jcomments on}