Japanese Maker Shibuya Partner with World Archery

By Community | February 28, 2012

The Japanese manufacturer SHIBUYA Archery has signed an agreement with World Archery to become one of their Development Fund Partners.

SHIBUYA is well-known among archery competitors in particular for their line of target sights.

They have had also produced many other accessory items such as stabilisers, plunger buttons, recurve rests, v-bars and bow cases to name a few. SHIBUYA has been used by top recurve and compound archers for 40 years.

SHIBUYA has joined World Archery to coincide with the manufacturer’s 40-year anniversary in 2012. They also hope to have a strong presence among participants of the Archery World Cup Final on 22-23 September 2012, which will be held in SHIBUYA’s home town of Tokyo, Japan.

Philipp KNALL, from SHIBUYA’s International Sales Division, said: “We are excited about this opportunity to help grow our sport of archery, and we are sure we will be able to ensure a mutually rewarding relationship with World Archery.”

The Development Fund Partners are a pool of archery manufacturers that actively support the development of archery worldwide with donations and programmes.

by Ismail Uddin