Japan Moving-Up on Country Brand Index Boosts Tokyo 2020 Bid

October 31, 2012

Tokyo 2020, Japan’s bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, was boosted today following a report by FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index 2012-2013 which Japan ranked third out of 118 countries, up one position from the previous year.

The Country Brand Index is a preeminent global study which measures and ranks global perceptions around the world’s nations based on factors such as their cultures, industries, economic strength, and public policy initiatives. The resulting index is a mix of trend reportage, expert findings, data-rich analysis and future-positive prediction compiled by FutureBrand. Japan earned high notes in business, culture, and tourism.

The report highlights many of Japan’s attractive characteristics and validates a common perception of the country: Japan is one of the world’s most exciting countries, boasting a mix of the hyper-modern and the traditional with values that inspire today’s world. The country claims the top spot in the Advanced Technology, Attractions and Authenticity subsections.

Japan also ranked second in the Skilled Workforce subsection, ranking third overall in the Good for Business section. Finally, Japan ranked third in the Art and Culture subsection, taking the third spot overall under the Heritage and Culture section.

The annual Country Brand Index stated: “Japan has managed to maintain its reputation as a world-class brand, especially for tourism, perceived as the second strongest brand in the dimension overall, the strongest brand in the world for Attractions, third strongest for Food and sixth for Value for Money.”

Tsunekazu Takeda, IOC member and President of the Tokyo 2020 Bid Committee and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) commented: “We are delighted with the results of FutureBrand’s latest Country Brand Index. This report reflects the world’s positive perception of Japan, based on our innovative culture and rich history. If Tokyo secures the honour of hosting the 2020 Games, I am confident that athletes, Olympic and Paralympic Families, and international visitors will all likewise appreciate all that Tokyo has to offer.”