Japan 2019 Rugby WC Budget Approved by IRB

May 26, 2011

Japan’s budget plans for the 2019 Rugby World Cup have been approved by the International Rugby Board (IRB) after receiving financial guarantees from the country’s government.

The Japanese government has pledged US$43.9m in operating costs to the Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU), a sum that will cover any financial shortfall for the event, reportedly costing approximately $219.4m to stage.

JRFU chairman Tatsuzo Yabe told Reuters: “I am relieved that final approval for the financial guarantee for the World Cup in 2019 was met. We are firmly committed at the JRFU and the 2019 organising committee to firmly prepare and produce a strong and exciting tournament.”

The JRFU also stated that it has the full backing of the IRB to host the tournament in the wake of concerns following the devastating effects of March’s earthquake and tsunami, with president Yoshiro Mori adding: “Some countries were saying the 2019 tournament should be held elsewhere. But I believe we have managed to forge a closer understanding on the matter with the IRB.”