Jacksonville Jaguars signs stadium naming rights deal with Everbank

July 28, 2010

National Football League (NFL) franchise the Jacksonville Jaguars has signed a fiver-year deal with local financial services company Everbank for the naming rights to the team’s stadium.

Everbank Field will replace the moniker of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, which had been in place since 2007.

Team owner Wayne Weaver said: “I clearly think it’s a game-changer. Today’s [Tuesday] announcement demonstrates [Everbank’s] confidence that Jacksonville is a viable football market.”

Everbank chairman and CEO Robert Clements said the agreement was “arguably one of the most exciting milestones in the evolution of Everbank”.

Jaguars senior vice president for sales and marketing, Macky Weaver, added: “It certainly will be a pat on Jacksonville’s back to go from the negative publicity that we received last year, based on the decline in season tickets, to come back this quickly because of a community-based effort, local business effort, a company that’s based out of Jacksonville stepping up to put their name on this building.”