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ITU Reaches Deal With Blerter For Events Management Platform

February 11, 2020

The International Triathlon Union has entered into an ongoing partnership with Blerter with a view to adopting their event-organisation technology for its multisport races around the world. The ITU-specific platform will help streamline processes and the flow of crucial information between management, officials and medical teams during races, allowing for faster incident reaction times and increasing the safety of athletes and public alike.

“ITU is always looking for ways to improve safety at its events and to support our network of officials around the globe”, said ITU Head of Operations Thanos Nikopoulos. “Blerter’s system not only allows us real-time sharing of crucial information between on-site staff but, long-term, it can also serve as an educational tool for everyone who uses it.”

“During successful trials for the past two years at the New Plymouth World Cup, we have seen first-hand the benefits the platform brings to the consistency and efficiency of race organisation and we are looking forward to more of our events adopting it in the future.”

As well as Grand Final, World Series and World Cup-level races, Blerter will also be available to regional events, helping to raise standards and share best practice with ITU’s developing National Federations, central elements of ITU’s long-term strategic goals.

“Working with ITU events over the past couple of years, we have seen how our technology really helps them streamline their delivery and operations. We’re thrilled that this new partnership will enable ITU to ensure triathlons around the world gain access to this powerful technology to help them reduce the complexity and increase the effectiveness of their event delivery,” said CEO & Founder of Blerter Richard Gill.

“ITU and Blerter are natural partners, both passionate about innovating to help improve the lives of event organizers and increase the popularity and quality of triathlons everywhere. Together, we are just getting started, but the possibilities for this partnership to demonstrate leadership across all sports are fascinating.”

Blerter International Triathlon Union ITU Triathlon