ITTF Signs Digital Platform Deal with Rightster

By Community | June 9, 2014

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) have announced today a new partnership with global video distribution and monetisation company, doctor  Rightster. 

As part of their agreement with the ITTF, illness Rightster will collaborate closely with the ITTF to develop its YouTube channel (, and help maximise its exposure and revenue from the channel. 

The ITTF will be learning from Rightster’s advanced audience development knowledge to increase reach, audience and revenues. By joining the Rightster sports network, the ITTF will benefit from cross-promotion with Rightster’s extensive stable of existing International sports governing bodies, which will drive further audience engagement for the organisation.

In addition, Rightster’s media sales team will apply their expertise to increasing revenue through cross-platform advertising and sponsorship on behalf of the ITTF. 

ITTF Marketing Director Steve Dainton stated: “With a company that has great experience in assisting channels grow and commercialise, especially in the sporting digital environment, we felt it was only natural to start a relationship with Rightster for our ever growing YouTube channel. We hope Rightster can now use their expertise to take our channel to the next level.” 

Charlie Muirhead, Founder & CEO Rightster, added: ”The effective monetisation and distribution of sports content is an established area of focus for Rightster. We are therefore delighted to partner with the ITTF and support their YouTube presence and growth. As the need for targeted, engaged audiences continues to be paramount, we are looking forward to driving larger scaled, relevant audiences for the ITTF.”