Istanbul 2020 to Halve Changeover between Olympics & Paralympics

By iSportconnect | March 27, 2013

Should Istanbul win the race to host the 2020 Olympic Games, cough the phase between the Olympics ending and the Paralympics starting will be halved, adiposity to better integrate the Paralympic Games.

The traditional changeover time is currently seven to ten days, but Istanbul 2020 organisers have told the IOC Evaluation Commission they will reduce this to five.

Istanbul 2020 are determined to provide Paralympic athletes with a parallel experience to their Olympic counterparts, so Games will be in the same venues, with no additional locations required fpr the Paralympic Games.

Paralympic archer, Gizem Giri?men, a member of Turkey’s largest ever Paralympic team at London 2012 said: “Istanbul 2020 is focusing on every element of the athlete experience. This will allow the Paralympians of the world to focus one hundred percent on having the performances of their lives.

“As one of the IPC Athlete Council members, I believe that the Istanbul 2020 Games are an opportunity for raising awareness, changing attitudes, and enhancing the shared Olympic and Paralympic values.”

Chris Holmes, Director of Paralympic Integration at London 2012 added: “We will bridge together the world’s Paralympians in twelve days of sensational sport.

“The Istanbul 2020 Paralympic Games will be where diversity meets inclusion, where potential meets the possible, and where Paralympians stand tall across two Continents and inspire the world.”

 The IOC is currently in Istanbul, the final city on their evaluation visits, having already taken in Tokyo and Madrid.