Istanbul 2020 Showcases Course at ITU Triathlon European Cup

August 6, 2013

Istanbul 2020 showcased the same course that triathlon would be competed on if they are awarded the Olympic Games, sale at the 2013 ITU Triathlon European Cup.

The successful edition of the European Cup is being described as another boost to the city’s 2020 bid, after the success of the ETU European Championships in Alanya.

Istanbul 2020 Bid Chairman, Hasan Arat said: “Istanbul provides a setting for sport like no other city in the world. This triathlon has shown the way that our city is able to fuse its rich history with a world-class modern sporting event.”

The competition was played out on the site of the proposed Old City Cluster – one of Istanbul 2020’s seven sport clusters.

Arat was pleased to see the competition played alongside 3,000 year-old city walls and the Istanbul shoreline, but said there was even more to the city.

“If Istanbul is awarded the Games in 2020 it will open up the whole of the city and its unique culture to the world,” Arat added. “Istanbul 2020 will offer the Olympic Movement a bridge to a New Culture: to a region and a people who have never hosted the Games before.”