iSportconnect TV Editor Jay Stuart Named Communicator of the Week by JTA

October 23, 2013

iSportconnect TV’s Editor at Large, Jay Stuart has been featured as the “Communicator of the Week” by JTA, the international relations and communications in sports firm.

The recently launched iSportconnect TV is branded as the “first online TV channel for the worldwide sports business industry”, but there is nothing prototype about presenter Jay Stuart’s delivery in front of a camera.

The station was broadcasting from its first major event this week at Sportel in Monaco with Stuart, who is the editor-at-large of iSportconnect, crucial to its relaxed and pragmatic coverage.

There is a hint of the Michael Parkinson to the American’s reporting style as he combines knowledge of the industry and familiarity with his interviewees with a knack of getting people talking, without asking many questions.

Stuart’s interview with the Television in Europe executive producer, David Goldstrom, was a textbook example. Goldstrom spoke at length, but relevantly, for three minutes with Stuart happy to listen intently as Goldstrom delved deeper and deeper into what commercial obstacles sports federations currently face. This laid-back interview style is a welcome break from the scatter-gun interrogators to be found in mainstream sports broadcasting, whose techniques sometimes suggest a deliberate hassling of athletes or coaches to provoke a response.

How iSportconnect TV ultimately fares may have a telling effect on the sports business media. If sponsors and advertisers start queuing up round the block, other outlets will surely take notice and could choose to add to the online-TV broadcast pack. But caution dictates that the jury will remain out for a while, leaving Stuart and his cameraman to pioneer alone, for now.

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