iSportconnect Partner With Ground-Breaking Software Company Visual Domains

September 29, 2014

iSportconnect, the world’s biggest social network for sports business executives has announced today an exclusive partnership with Israeli software company Visual Domains which has developed a unique technology, “Venus”, capable of organising information in a three dimensional space.

Through its homogenous set of mobile solutions, social solutions and a new form of Augmented Reality application, Venus AR, the Venus platform offers a new sports and entertainment experience.

The partnership will mean Visual Domains has a one-stop entry to the global business of sports as it seeks to develop relationships with rights holders across the globe.

The partnership will be launched at iSportconnect’s Digital Media and Technology Masterclass event in Lausanne on 30th September with presentations from the company’s founder and CEO Yoav Shefi.

The deal was successfully brokered by leading independent sports marketing agency, Sports Media Gaming Ltd.

Sree Varma, Founder and CEO of iSportconnect expressed his delight at the partnership and said: “Visual Domains is a highly innovative business, offering new and unique revenue streams to sports rights holders, media owners and sponsors in the global sports industry.”

Yoav Shefi shared the positive sentiments. He said: “Our partnership with iSportconnect will give us a “one stop” direct access to key decision makers across the global sports industry. We are very excited to be able to demonstrate how our technology can add a new dimension to the world of sports and act as a new source of revenue at the same time.”

About Visual Domains

Visual Domains is a software company which has developed a unique technology, Venus, of organizing information in three dimensional space.

Venus technology’s mission is to reinvent the way we view and interact with digital information across Apps, Web pages and continuing further to the desktop and devices.

Venus Visual Search organizes content not only according to their semantic relevance but also according to visual relevance. Thus Venus search creates an immediate grasp of the story surrounding a topic of interest.

Venus solves the 30 seconds barrier – Users will dedicate a max of 30 seconds to anything; they must get the story in 10 seconds, so they can have 20 seconds to do something about it.

The technology provides a unique opportunity for the global sports industry to enhance their digital product offerings and create lucrative new revenue streams.

To learn more about Visual Domains and “Venus Augmented Reality” including presentation videos, visit the website here.

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