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iSportConnect Offers Condolences To The Families Of Jacques Rogge And Simon Greenberg

September 3, 2021

The sporting fraternity has lost two highly valued members this week, in the passing of Jacques Rogge and Simon Greenberg, and iSportConnect would like to offer its condolences to both of their families.

Jacques Rogge

Rogge was the eighth President of the IOC, from 2001 to 2013, after which he became Honorary President.

IOC President Thomas Bach stated in the IOC’s announcement of his passing: “First and foremost, Jacques loved sport and being with athletes – and he transmitted this passion to everyone who knew him. His joy in sport was infectious.

“He was an accomplished President, helping to modernise and transform the IOC. He will be remembered particularly for championing youth sport and for inaugurating the Youth Olympic Games. He was also a fierce proponent of clean sport, and fought tirelessly against the evils of doping. 

“The entire Olympic Movement will deeply mourn the loss of a great friend and a passionate fan of sport.”

Rogge Was On Time

A recollection from our own Jay Stuart of an encounter with the former IOC President

In the sometimes murky world of Olympic politics the Belgian physician Jacques Rogge was a man of transparent decency and his presidency of the IOC was instrumental in restoring the organisation’s credibility and reputation in the wake of the Salt Lake City integrity crisis. After hearing of his passing I’d like a share a little personal tidbit that I remember him by. 

In 2000, before he was elected, I requested an interview for Sportvision magazine, of which I was the editor. The magazine was a modest one but we spoke directly to the international federations and as he was running for IOC president it was potentially a useful platform for him. He agreed to do it in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Games and we made an appointment − for a Friday evening at 8 p.m. 

I arrived at the official downtown hotel of the IOC well in advance. The lobby where we were to meet was usually buzzing. It was most definitely not buzzing. The place was empty. I don’t just mean quiet. I mean nobody but me. Of course everybody was out enjoying Sydney and doing things that important IOC-type people do in the evening during the Games. Sitting there all alone I started feeling irritated with myself for not realising that at that time Rogge would be out schmoozing at dinner somewhere like everyone else and foolish for waiting around for him. I thought, ‘There is no way this guy is not going to blow me out, apologise and re-schedule…’ 

But wouldn’t you know, exactly on time the man himself strolled in and joined me. So it was just the two of us sitting like a couple of wallflowers in the empty lobby. We had a nice friendly chat and I like to think that the article that came of it in my publication, alas long defunct, might even have helped him in his ultimately successful campaign. 

Simon Greenberg

Simon Greenberg has also sadly died this week at just 52. Former of the Mail on Sunday, Chelsea FC and News International, before his most recent role with the Athletic, Simon was an extremely valued member of the sports community.

Here is a clip of Simon discussing Dow Jones Sport’s Intelligence Division, which he helped to create during his time at News International, here is a clip of Simon discussing Dow Jones Sport’s Intelligence Division, which he helped to create during his time at News International, with iSportConnect at SportAccord’s event in Denmark a couple of years ago.

Chelsea FC Daily Mail IOC Jacques Rogge Simon Greenberg