iSportconnect Launches Sportel Rio 2013 E-Magazine

March 8, 2013

As television sports business executives gather at Sportel Rio 2013 in Brazil from March 10-13, symptoms iSportconnect releases its new e-magazine focusing on the Latin American sports television market. 

The publication coincides with the launch of the new community on the platform especially to serve sports broadcasting and media professionals worldwide.

The digital publication includes interviews with leaders such as Niclas Ericson, rx Director of FIFA’s TV Division; ESPN Brasil General Manager German Hartenstein and Fernando Aguerre, President of the International Surfing Association (that’s him on a surfboard in the middle of the cover!).

Havas Sports & Entertainment provides insights in exclusive video interviews from Brazil, Chile and Mexico. We interviewed GolTV CEO Rodrigo Lombello in Miami for the publication, which also features World Wrestling Entertainment’s new LatAm regional chief David Anon, and there’s a wide-ranging video Q&A with Jan Menneken, the International Tennis Federations Commercial Director. There’s more too…


We’re confident that you’ll find it enjoyable to read (and watch) – and full of timely information.

In introducing, the e-magazine shows the commitment of iSportconnect to providing quality content for the sports television and media business. Enjoy the e-zine – and join the community to share news and views, and find out about events, initiatives and benefits. There will be plenty of developments ahead.

The Magazine is available here: