iSportconnect Featured Discussions go from Strength to Strength

March 24, 2011

Since launching their new Featured Discussions feature earlier in the month, physician iSportconnect has seen some of the industry’s leading professionals contribute their views and opinions to a range of hot topic debates in the world of sports business.

The popularity of the concept is something that iSportconnect – sports largest online business community – is hoping to promote through networking with some of the need-to-know people in the industry.

The real success of the feature has been down to the members, patient some of whom are of the highest end in their industry sector, sharing their thoughts on the matters relevant to them. The likes of advisory board members, Michael Cunnah, former CEO of Wembley Stadium, and Steven Falk, 8-year Director of Marketing at Manchester United, have been key players in ensuring the discussions success.

Mr Cunnah’s discussion on the issues surrounding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar posed some interesting questions, prompting a flurry of responses and proposed answers from a number of members including Director of Event Operations Paul Freudensprung, whose experience in the matter is extensive through 4 Olympic Games and 2 World Cups respectively.

In addition, Stephen Pearson’s discussion on the prospect of the re-launch of world renowned MLS franchise the New York Cosmos was replied by CEO of fellow MLS club the Vancouver Whitecaps. Barber added his support to the work of Paul Kemsley in bringing in the likes of Pele and Eric Cantona to back the re-launch, stating: “With the Whitecaps now just days away from entering Major League Soccer, it would certainly capture the imagination of the soccer public if the New York Cosmos were to return to play top flight North American soccer too.”

Steven Falk’s latest discussion, Sponsorship – the next big push, was also contributed to by one of the relevant industry sectors most successful professionals. After recently partaking in an exclusive Featured Profile interview with iSportconnect, Vice-Chair of the European Sponsorship Association Pippa Collett explained where she thought some of the English Premier League’s top clubs were going wrong.

Collett wrote: “The essence of sponsorship is the desire of a sponsor to associate its brand with that of the rights-holder. But how many football clubs have developed a real brand? A brand is more than just a logo and a colour combination – it is a set of values, a personality, with certain characteristics that make it special and unique in the minds of those touched by it. When I look at the EPL, very few clubs have much to differentiate them beyond their geographic location. Faced with so little on which to base a selection decision, it is no surprise that brands look elsewhere.”

Speaking on the current success of the Featured Discussions section of, the company’s CEO Sree Varma stated: “We are delighted that our members have taken the opportunity t utilise the new feature through interacting with their fellow, like-minded professionals. iSportconnect hope that the Featured Discussions can go from strength to strength and become an essential component of the networking department of the site. I would like to thank all of those who have contributed such fantastic discussions and debates thus far and urge all of our members to make your voices heard!”