iSportconnect announce Digital Masterclass Agenda

By iSportconnect | March 31, 2016

Delegate Arrival – 08:30


Event Start / Welcome – 09:00

What We Want from Sport – 09:15

Opening scene-setter interview with a major brand sponsor to set out what they want and expect sport to deliver. This should set the cat among the pigeons, drugs as they say.

Panel 1) Creating Value with Content Panel – 09:45

How can sport really make the most of what it has to offer? This gets into the discussion of harnessing the power of data. The discussion can include platforms & the publishing hierarchy. Can rights-holders control their own digital value or will they increasingly need the likes of Facebook to deliver the goods?

Networking Break – 10:30

Panel 2) Disruptors & the Economy of Digital Rights – 11:15

Discussion on how digital and broadcasters co-habit the space and how things are changing. Consumers are cutting the cord and leaving pay TV. Is sport going from wholesaling rights to media intermediaries to being a retailer?

Panel 3) What Sport Needs to Deliver on the Promise of Digital – 12:00

What resources are needed? What should be in-house? Who are the partners? Where is the revenue coming from to pay for what’s needed? What’s the ideal managerial template for now – and how will it change?

Closing Summary / Lunch –  13:00

Round Table Workshops – 13:45

Three tables which will cover the three panel discussions. This is an opportunity to discuss the prior topics in greater detail.

END OF PLAY – 15:00