iSportconnect Announce New Social Media Integration Feature

January 31, 2011

Social Media Integration feature from iSportconnect to major social media platforms that we think will make iSportconnect’s networking feature more effective and powerful for you.

The idea is very simple (and powerful): when you update your iSportconnect status, it will also synchronise and update your status at LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages and vice versa.

iSportconnect’s aim is to help sports organisations and executives to build their identity in the sports community. One of the major factors that make up your professional identity online is sharing your thoughts, plans and / or activities through updates.

Updating status’ on different social media platforms on a daily basis is very time consuming, hence we came up with a solution: Update your iSportconnect status and it will update your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages meaning you don’t have to go anywhere else to engage in social networking…

Also, if you update your Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook status, it would be synchronised as a new iSportconnect status update.

How does it work?

Once you login to, visit the ‘Community’ page and you will see the following Status update box


Click on ‘Connect’ link of the social media websites that you would like to synchronisation through status updates and follow the simple instructions.

Now it’s ready to go…

An example: User updates his status at iSportconnect as below


It synchronises the status updates at Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter as below