ISM Extend Partnership With Olympic Games

By iSportconnect | March 26, 2012

order cialis helvetica, sans-serif;”>International Sports Multimedia (ISM) has continued it’s association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) after both parties reached an agreement that will see ISM remain as the exclusive worldwide licensee for interactive entertainment software for the Olympic Games through to 2020.

The contract allows ISM to develop and publish a wide range of software titles that include official video games, social network games, multisport games on mobile devices and tablets, character-based multisport games and browser-based multisport mini-games. ISM chairman and CEO, Raymond Goldsmith, said: “With the ability to think and plan long-term in the ever-changing world of social and digital entertainment, we intend to build even further upon the success established so far with the Olympic franchise in the entertainment software category.”

With the Olympic Games creeping up on London 2012, ISM have confirmed that multiple releases will be in essence leading up to the Games. Iconic videogame characters Mario and Sonic will once again join forces on the Nintendo Wii system and, for the first time, on the 3DS. To date, more than 19 million copies of the Mario & Sonic series first introduced for the Beijing 2008 Games have sold worldwide, with a new version now released for London’s Olympics.

PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users will be served by ‘London 2012 – The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games’, which will allow fans to compete in more than 30 Olympic events in official London Games venues fully rendered to their exact specifications. In addition to the official video games, ISM is also developing official mobile game, a social game playable on Facebook and a minigame accessed online via the website.

“ISM is a great partner to both the USOC and the Olympic Movement, and we believe their commitment to creating realistic, entertaining products will continue to grow interest in the Olympic Games and the US Olympic and Paralympic Team,” added USOC chief marketing officer Lisa Baird. “These games reach an important audience – both today’s and tomorrow’s fans – and we look to ISM to help engage them in support of the Olympic Movement.”