Irish Soccer’s Glentoran Hit Financial Difficulties

By Community | May 3, 2012

Irish soccer team, sale Glentoran, stomach financial problems have continued following their inability to pay players and staff for the month of April.

The Irish Prmiership club asked theIrish Football Association for a cash loan at a meeting on Wednesday afternoon. according to BBC Sport.

The club avoided being wound up last year thanks to a donation of around £450,000 from a mystery benefactor.

Glentoran needed that money to pay debts which included a huge tax bill.

Glentoran were actually celebrated a final day win their Premier league campaign but this news has flusterd them.

Glentoran previously had difficulties paying wages in July 2010.

The £450,000 payment from the mystery benefactor helped bail out the club in February 2011.

Last year, the Irish FA lent £233,000 to a number of Irish League clubs which was in effect an advance of prizemoney up to May of next year.

Glentoran are asking for either an advance of prize money for 2014, or else a straight loan from the Irish FA.