Irish Fan Seals Australian Media Rights to Ireland’s Upcoming World Cup Qualifier

August 30, 2013

An Irishman living in Australia has extended his mortgage to buy the Australian rights to Ireland’s upcoming World Cup qualifier, after being frustrated at missing out on watching his country play.

David Feeney, a Sydney-based IT director, contacted a friend in broadcasting from Ireland, who put him on to Kentaro, a German media company which owned the rights.

Feeney has bought the rights for “tens of thousands of dollars” to show Ireland v Sweden next Saturday and England v Ukraine four days later, airing the matches in sports bars and casinos up and down Australia’s east coast.

“They said my bid was too low, but that it was close. Then I raised the bid and they said OK,” Feeney said, who first had to run the idea by his wife.

“Both our names are on the mortgage, and when I told her about the idea, I don’t think she was too crazy about it. But if it works out, I’m hoping we can do more in the future.

“She was hardest to convince alright, but we have an agreement that if it makes any money, she gets to keep it.”

Feeney is also negotiating to televise both matches in New Zealand and some Pacific Islands.