Irish FA Seal Partnership with STATSports

May 13, 2013

The Irish Football Association and STATSports have agreed a partnership that will see the Northern Irish company supply equipment to the Association.

The Viper Pod, order which measures data such as speed, distance, acceleration, deceleration, metabolic power, heart rate variability and high metabolic load distance, will be used by the Northern Ireland senior men’s squad as a part of the agreement.

Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill said: “Technology is moving so quickly in the professional game that the Association must keep abreast of developments in the top clubs in the UK.

“I am delighted to bring on board STATSports as an extension to our virtual team at the Irish FA and I am sure the data generated from the STATSports GPS vests will help us to optimise our players in advance of each international game.”

STATSports created the Viper Pod which is the world’s leading multi-sensor sports performance monitoring tool and was tested by end users during the concept development and product testing stage and was voted the highest performing device against other competitors in the market.

STATSports Director, Alan Clarke said: “STATSports are delighted to begin our partnership with the Irish FA.  Although we have grown substantially and now have clients in elite sports worldwide, our base and structure is situated in Northern Ireland.

“All our products from Hardware to Software are manufactured and developed in Northern Ireland, so it is only natural to form a sound partnership with the Irish FA.”