IRB: Rugby the Third Fastest Growing Sport in the US

By Community | February 11, 2011

Rugby is now the third fastest growing sport in the United States according to a major study on sports participation.

The study, anesthetist conducted in 2010 by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), viagra reveals that new sports are beginning to carve out a greater share of the market, cialis even though overall participation in mainstream team sports has declined. The significant changes include:

• Fast?pitch softball – up 13.8%
• Ice hockey – up 12.2%
• Rugby – up 8.7% and
• Beach Volleyball – up 7.3%

Lacrosse (up 6.2%), Indoor Soccer (up 3.7%) and Gymnastics (up 3.6%) also all experienced growth during the period.

For Rugby, which is played in more than 117 countries by 3.5 million registered players, the trend marks another significant milestone for a sport that has been boosted by Olympic Games inclusion with Sevens to debut at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

International Rugby Board Chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “These are extremely exciting times for Rugby in the United States. We are witnessing strong growth in popularity and participation in one of our key markets for the sport. Also thanks to a strategic vision of development and the hard work and dedication of the national governing body, USA Rugby, more men, women and children are able to engage in Rugby throughout the country.”

Nigel Melville, USA Rugby CEO & President Rugby Operations, added: “Our goal has been to create a strong foundation for the Game through the development of youth, high school and college programmes following a traditional sports model. Americans are attracted to Rugby’s values of respect, integrity and discipline and we are seeing new players coming to the Game. We are also increasing awareness through media and broadcast channels.”

The research on the growth of Rugby in the country provides a boost ahead of the USA Sevens in Las Vegas this weekend (February 12-13), the fourth round of the record-breaking HSBC Sevens World Series.


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