IRB Considering Playing 2015 World Cup Matches in Wales

January 10, 2012

The International Rugby Board are contemplating allowing Wales to play some of their 2015 World Cup matches at the Millennium Stadium even though England were awarded the tournament on a sole basis.

The Cardiff venue is just one of many arenas organisers are looking at using during the World Cup despite the fact that England are supposed to be the only country to host games as they did not bid for the competition on a joint platform. The IRB board will meet with organisers in March to discuss dates and stadia to be used in the tournament.

It is thought that Wales may be allowed to play some of their pool games at home in the 74,500-seater stadium in their own capital.

IRB chief executive Mike Miller said no decision had yet been taken, adding: “Yes there is an issue of Wales playing at ‘home’, but for people in the west of England, it’s much easier to get to Cardiff than it is to get London.”

He added: “Firstly we will set the dates for the tournament, then we will see what stadia are available and move forward from there. No decision has been taken on use of the Millennium Stadium yet. That will be part of the meeting.”

The planning for the 2015 World Cup started in earnest on Monday with the launch of a new HQ for the host organisation, England Rugby 2015 (ER 2015), opposite Twickenham.

The organisation have set themselves the huge task of putting on the best Rugby World Cup in the competition’s 25-year-history and are also setting cheaper prices to get the nations interest.

Around 1.4million tickets were sold at last year’s World Cup but ER 2015 are hopeful of selling at least double that amount, with the cheapest prices for pool games being available for less than £10.