Ipswich Town and Marcus Evans Extend Sponsorship Deal

May 21, 2013

Championship side Ipswich Town have extended their shirt sponsorship deal with the Marcus Evans Group until the end of the 2013/14 season.

The events company is owned by the club’s owner and chairman Marcus Evans and their logo has adorned Ipswich’s shirts since 2008. 

According to The Telegraph, the previous sponsorship deal was worth around £4 million ($6.1m) and this one-year extension is believed to be worth around £800,000 ($1.2m).

The club’s managing director, Ian Milne, said: “Marcus’ initial shirt sponsorship agreement with the club was up at the end of 2012/13 but he had decided to extend that for another year.

“We did speak to a number of local and national companies regarding shirt sponsorship of Ipswich Town and there was interest.

“We could have pursued that further but Marcus is aware of the benefits of the sponsorship and is happy to continue with his name on the front of the shirts for next season.”