IPC Desire Greater Paralympic Coverage in the US

By Community | September 17, 2012

Xavier Gonzalez, Chief Executive of International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has admitted that they would have preferred greater coverage of the Paralympic Games in the United States.

NBC, who enjoyed record viewing figures for their coverage of London 2012, failed to show a single minute of live action of the Paralympic Games, opting instead to screen merely four 60-minute highlight packages.

NBC, who have also been heavily criticised for the quality of their broadcast and very odd decision making, have partially catered to those who desired to follow the Games by producing daily highlights packages offer the US Paralympic YouTube Channel.

Gonzalez acknowledges that the coverage has travelled a long way since eight years ago, but points to the high standards set by Channel 4 as an example that American broadcasters should follow.

He said: “We are on a journey to Rio 2016 and if we compare where the US market was two Games ago to now, we have done very well,” said Gonzalez.

“But ideally we would like more coverage.

“Now we have the example that Channel 4 has created here in Britain, and what the Brazilians, and other countries in the world are doing.

“So we are in a much better position to go back to the United States and increase the coverage there.”

However, despite the American snub, Gonzalez was pleased with the overall international coverage the Games enjoyed.

He added: “We have had outstanding media coverage online, on radio and TV, both nationally and internationally.

“As a good example, the victory the other day of Alan Oliveira [against Oscar Pistorius in the men’s 200 metres T44 final on September 2] knocked out all of the football news in Brazil and you can probably understand that’s quite a big deal.

“We have also seen the media changing their focus to the athleticism of the athletes and the competition and we have seen a lot more athletes being portrayed and becoming more popular.

“It’s now critical for us that that momentum continues and we have coverage of all the World Championships and regional championships over the next four years.”