IOC President Bach Critical of Boston After Failed 2024 Olympic Bid

July 29, 2015

International Olympic Committee (IOC) president Thomas Bach has criticised Boston for pulling out of the race to host the 2024 Olympic Games.

Bach claims the city failed to deliver on its promises to the United States Olympic Committee and must accept blame for the failed bid.

USOC chose Boston over Los Angelese as its preferred candidate city to host the Games, but that decision was overturned on Monday after Boston mayor Marty Walsh said the city couldn’t afford to host the event and didnt want to use taxpayers’ money to do so.

“What we could see in a nutshell, what happened there is that Boston did not deliver on promises they made to the USOC when they were selected,” Thomas Bach, said.

“Therefore we can understand the decision by the USOC and we are looking forward to an American bid with another city.

“I gave up following it. It was pretty confusing. Every day, there was a new project coming from Boston or new people and new ideas. I really gave up following it in detail.”

Bach still fully expects USOC to put a city forward to host the Games, with Los Angeles now considered the strong favourite.

“We are not concerned at all. For us the situation has not changed. We had a commitment from the USOC for an Olympic candidature for 2024,” said Bach.

“We have this commitment and we are sure that the USOC will deliver on this commitment, and that we will have on 15 September a bid from the United States. I have no reason to doubt this commitment by the USOC.”

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