IOC backs IAAF Russia ban

June 21, 2016

The IOC have backed the IAAF’s ban of Russian athletes. 

The IAAF had previously said that all Russian athletes would be banned, having failed to make enough progress since their provisonal ban in November.

The IOC confirmed that they will not interfere with international federations’ rulings, it was the IFs’ responsibility to determine the ‘technical eligibility of athletes, in particular in relation to doping issues’.

In another key ruling, the IOC said that because Russia’s doping system had been non-compliant, the “’presumption of innocence’ of athletes… is put seriously into question”.

It will mean athletes will have to activley prove that they are clean – and undertook anti-doping testing in a compliant country – i.e. outside Russia.

But if the athletes can prove that they are clean, the IOC said that they can compete under the Russian flag.

It seems likely only a handful of athletes could prove their innocence to the standard the IOC and IAAF have laid out.

The Russian Olympic commitee has said it will appeal the verdict to CAS – who previously told iSportconnect that they would hear urgent appeals in Rio, just days before the start of the Games.