IOC Aims to Resolve Issues with IOA

By Community | January 15, 2013

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) took the first step towards resolving issues with the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) by inviting the Union government and two IOA officials to Lausanne for talks.

The sports ministry welcomed the move. “We were sure things would start moving in January. We are glad that the IOC is playing a proactive role in sorting out the problem. We look forward to a dialogue with them,” secretary of sports, P.K. Deb, said.

This is the first time since the IOA was suspended on December 4 last year that the IOC has officially involved the government.

IOC representatives sent a letter to acting leading officials of the suspended IOA that said: “The suspended IOA must be in a position to hold free, fair, transparent and credible elections without any external interference and exclusively on the basis of the Olympic Charter and the IOA’s constitution.”

The IOC wants “relevant government authorities to definitively amend or repeal regulations or laws which interfere with the autonomous functioning and internal operations (including the election rules) of the suspended IOA.”

The IOC also stated that it wanted the IOA to review its constitution and internal regulations and “make necessary amendments, in close collaboration with the IOC and subject to IOC’s approval…to include proper and concrete mechanisms to ensure good governance at all levels and implement all basic ethical principles.”{jcomments on}