International Union of Modern Pentathlon Unveils New Pentathlon Stadium Concept

By Community | January 15, 2013

International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) president Dr. h.c Klaus Schormann has unveiled a new concept to the sport, the Pentathlon Stadium. 

Now a spectator can watch 5 disciplines in 5 hours with 1 ticket from 1 seat. The revolutionary innovation will make its Olympic debut in Rio 2016 (currently in discussions).

Schormann said: “The main change that will occur is the fencing discipline. All the fencing action will now take place on one piste in an exciting, ladder, knock out system that ranks the fencers based on the results of the traditional fencing round held the day before and has them battling one another to improve their place and determine the overall winner.” 

The Pentathlon Stadium, is the latest innovation in Modern Pentathlon, after the highly successful implementation of environmentally and spectator friendly laser shooting & the combined event in London 2012 which resulted in it’s the highest ever media interest at the Olympic Games.

“All these innovations target the world’s youth, as they are the future of our sport. The young athletes were the first to try laser shooting at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, and they will benefit from the new Pentathlon Stadium concept, as it will make the sport quicker and more exciting which is attractive to the fast paced life of today’s younger generation,” he added.  

“The next 4 years are set to be very exciting for UIPM, as we continue to grow our sport internationally, as reflected by 6 different nations from 3 continents winning medals at in London 2012 and as we increase our appeal to the youth, through our fun, innovative technology and our new development event Triathle.”