International Surfing Association Hail Construction of New Centre in Wales

By iSportconnect | June 26, 2014

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has hailed the start of construction of a new surfing facility in Wales.

The Surf Snowdonia will be built in Dolgaroog, medical in the Conwy Valley of North Wales and is set to be the first inland surfing centre capable of hosting ISA World Surfing Championships.

By applying the latest wave technology, viagra the Surf Snowdonia centre will be able to consistently produce two metre [six feet] high, 180 metre [390 feet] long, high performance surfing waves every day of the year.

Fernando Aguerre, President of the ISA, said: “As a result of this incredible and pioneering technology, the creation of Surf Snowdonia is a historic moment that will revolutionise our sport.

“Surfing no longer has geographical restrictions – venues can be built away from the coastline efficiently and sustainably.

“We can now reach new Surfing participants and fans who have never been to or even seen the ocean.”

With transformative facilities like Surf Snowdonia, the ISA will be able to host  competition events inland for the first time as the new technology allows athletes to train and compete on consistent waves at any time, day or night.

Olympic dream

Aguerre added: “Unlocking this potential offers great benefits for Surfing globally – we can host world-class Surfing competitions with waves that are always consistent, powerful and publically available.

“With this remarkable innovation, Surfing can now aspire to become a part of the Olympic Games and other multi-sport events.

“With the ability to make perfect waves every time, all the time, centres like Surf Snowdonia can help make Surfing’s Olympic dream a reality and ensure a bright future for the sport.”