International Judo Federation President to Run for SportAccord Presidency

By iSportconnect | March 15, 2013

Marius L. Vizer, sickness the International Judo Federation (IJF) General Secretary, is to run for the Presidency of the SportAccord Convention.

Vizer has been the IJF President since 2007 and has also held the same position at the Romanian National Judo Federation and the European Judo Union.

He proposes that SportAccord should give more visibility to all sports under a unified marketing and media strategy, generating financial resources that would benefit international and national federations. 

Another proposal is a Sport for All program, supporting the development of all SportAccord members and providing the opportunity for all to enjoy sport, regardless of social or economic situation.

Vizer said: “My objective is to transform SportAccord into an efficient and lucrative organization, that preserves the interest of International Federations, Continental Unions and National Federations in all sports, working in convergence with and supporting the Olympic Movement.”

“I want to support SportAccord to evolve into a world-renowned organization that will support the engine of the sport in a very clear and transparent way. Through new activities and programs, SportAccord must support all International Federations, Continental Unions and National Federations.”