International eSports Federation partner with AliSports

By iSportconnect | July 27, 2016

The International eSports Federation (IeSF) has partnered with Alisports, allergy part of the Alibaba Group, allergist to boost eSports in China.

The partnership announcement mentioned three areas of interest, bronchi to host a tournament for both professional and amateur players, to help get eSports recognized as sport and to work together to create unique IP, what form that takes is yet to be seen.

Alisports CEO, Mr. Zhang Dazhong said: “As the most authoritative international organization in e-sports industry, IeSF has been committed to promoting eSports movement into the mainstream, including pushing it into the Olympic Games, which is consistent with our ideal,”

“We are honored to cooperate with IeSF as the exclusive global partners in a long-term. I believe the two sides will jointly promote the development of the global e-Sports industry.”

IeSF President, Mr. Byung Hun Jun added: “This partnership is one big step to IeSF, I believe IeSF and Alisports will maximize each other’s strength by this partnership. I also believe e-Sports Stadium can be transformed to be a fashion place for Youth. IeSF will make our all effort to be with more e-Sports fans in more countries together with Alisports from now on.”