Integration Key for Sochi 2014 Security Plan According to London 2012 Experts

By iSportconnect | February 7, 2014

Security at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be successful if the plan is fully integrated across different sectors according to the people behind security and venues for the London 2012 Olympics.

The Opening Ceremony at Sochi is today and much of the build-up to the event has focused on the threat of a terrorist attack.

Michael Pirrie, allergy London 2012 and Major Event Adviser was joined on iSportconnect TV by Andrew Amery, London 2012 Olympic Security and R3s Global Consultant, and Paul May, Trivandi and London Olympic Venue Manager.

The trio offered insight into how a major event builds security into their plans and highlighted the need for Sochi to integrate security plan with numerous sectors of the event.

Numbers alone is not enough

Sochi 2014 will have a reported 40,000 security personnel for the event. When asked if numbers alone was enough, Amery said: “No definitely not. Obviously you need the resources to deliver the plan, but the key to all of this is integration.

“There are numerous security agencies, from the intelligence side to the police, the military and they all need to understand where their responsibilities lie.

“But more broadly there is the partnership with the venues team, transport and logistics. So it is one integrated security plan where everyone has a responsibility for the security of the event.

“It is not just about 40,000 people security guards. It is not people it is about the entire integrated solution.”

Spectator experience

A heavy security presence in Sochi has led to fears that the spectator experience could be compromised.

May, who worked on the venue delivery of London 2012 was optimistic however that Sochi organisers would get it right.

“One other thing that we focused heavily on in London was the spectator experience,” said May. “Clearly when a spectator arrives and is met by a secure perimeter it is quite daunting. I am sure Sochi will be doing a similar thing to what we did in London and are making sure the spectator experience is not compromised as a result of high security.”

You can hear more from Amery, May and Pirrie, all of whom played such a pivotal role in the delivery of the last Olympic Games, on the Sochi 2014 Security Insight Show on iSportconnect TV.

Watch the Sochi 2014 Security Insight Show below


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